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I Am Alex

Agility. Learning. Engaging. eXtraordinary. These are the four pillars of nursing that we practise and deliver every moment. Alex nurses are collaborative, innovative and think on their feet. Our holistic and person-centric training equip you to think, learn and adapt to different clinical settings, and become an all-rounder. Our vision is to create a community that is healthy, empowered, with a good quality of life. The journey to doing so is truly rewarding. In Alex, we help one another grow into successful leaders. We carry each other's burdens and celebrate each other's successes. We are family, and we care for each other as one.

See the highlights of our 2021 Nursing Open House here!


​Chapter 1: My Name Is Alex
 Chapter 2: The eXtraordinary Nurses of Alexandra Hospital
Chapter 3: Five Things You Didn't Know About Alexandra Hospital

 Chapter 4: Agile Nursing
at Alex

Chapter 5: Engaging Chief Nurse Margaret Lee
Chapter 6: Learning to be an Alex Nurse
Chapter 7:
Alex Nursing e-Open House 2021 Highlights

Chapter 8: Why Choose Alexandra Hospital to Start Your Nursing Career


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