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I Am Alex

My Name Is Alex

You are living in challenging times. You have just completed your education and are standing at the crossroads of your life. What shall you do to make your life count and at the same time, make an impact on another? How can you contribute to humanity and yet develop self-fulfilment in your next milestone and career? Who can help you achieve your goals and dreams next?

There are times when we really need the care and support of our loved ones - like when we fall sick, or when our loved ones need caregiving arrangement. These are the experiences in life when every little effort counts. But what if, during those moments, you are all alone? This is when getting the much-needed support from someone becomes equally important as from family and loved ones.


I am Alex. Let me help you reach for humanity. 


About Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital is the first integrated general hospital that has a holistic care system right from inpatient to rehabilitative care. It means that we are different.  We believe in redesigning ourselves to help patients get better, empowered to take care of themselves and continue to live better.  We see our patient as a person, not his medical condition nor the body part he is seeking treatment.  We believe in delivering holistic care without transfers and hassles. It is a recovery journey that we take with our patients from start to finish.  As an Alex nurse, you will be part of our one care team and you will co-lead and drive the carepath of the patients even beyond the hospital.  We will cut down the number of appointments and consolidate care, to provide patients with a seamless recovery experience.


Just as we tailor each healthcare experience, your journey with us as an Alex nurse will also be an enriching one with our unique programmes:


One-stop Care Programmes

Our new holistic approach stems from our five key programmes. These programmes ensure a continuum of care that we practice at Alexandra Hospital.


Be Better: Our Well Programme

A programme that focuses on active health intervention for the wellbeing of our staff and community.

Get Better: Our FAST Programme

Offers 24-hour one-stop care for unwell patients, and from inpatient stay to rehabilitative care.


Live Better: Our Chronic Programme

This holistic programme empowers patients with chronic conditions.

Age Better: Our Healthy Ageing Programme

Helps the elderly through a holistic approach.


Cope Better: Our Supportive and Palliative Care Programme

Support and care for unwell patients.

Just as we give our best to the care of our patients, both inside and outside the hospital, we will bring out your best and develop you, individually and professionally, as part of our Alex family and community.  I am Alex.  Join me and start your journey at Alex. 


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