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About Us

Who We Are

Alexandra Hospital has been operated under the National University Health System (NUHS) since June 2018. As part of the NUHS, the hospital has 176 integrated beds, meaning that both sub-acute and rehabilitative care can be provided to a patient in the same bed, whenever possible. It will complement other NUHS provided by the various hospitals, polyclinics, and specialist centres in the western region.

We Redesign Healthcare

Alexandra Hospital is the first integrated hospital in Singapore, providing just one continuum of care for different settings, from acute, sub-acute, to rehabilitative care.

Our clinical model is team-led and programme-based. This means that every patient who comes to Alexandra Hospital will be placed under at least one of our five core clinical programmes, and be taken care of by a single doctor and the same care team, under the programme they are assigned to.

This arrangement reduces the need for a patient to transfer to another healthcare institution, and care can be given in a more dedicated, personalized way, conveniently from one touch point.

Programme-based Care, One-Stop Access

Our five clinical programmes span from preventive care (Be Better), acute care (Get Better), chronic condition management (Live Better), healthy ageing (Age Better), and palliative care (Cope Better) [ready in 2019].

Through CareHub@AH, the hospital's Care Managers can be contacted by patients, families, and community partners, so that clinical and social help can be planned for and provided to those who need it.

The aim is to provide an experience for patients that is seamless and holistic, where NUHS' network of member institutions, general practitioners, polyclinics, as well as voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and social care partners come together, helping patients to get better, and empowering them to stay healthy at home and in the community.

A Test Bed for New Ideas

Alexandra Hospital will also be where new patient-centered solutions will be piloted, to let best practices take shape, be shared, and passed on to other institutions, when applicable. Enabled by technology, we want to achieve seamless integrated care for patients with chronic diseases, as well as helping the elderly age healthily, both across the healthcare network and at home.

Our Management Team

Learn more about Alexandra Hospital's management team here.