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About AH

Who We Are

Alexandra Hospital (AH) has been under the National University Health System (NUHS) since 1 June 2018, and will serve as a 326-bedder facility, providing seamless, one-stop comprehensive care by one care team to some 100,000 residents in the Queenstown precinct (the oldest housing estate) and Southwest and the rest of Singapore.

Alexandra Hospital is the first Integrated General Hospital in Singapore providing holistic and seamless care from acute, sub-acute to rehabilitative settings, reducing the need for a patient to transfer to another healthcare institution. Our clinical model is team-led and programme-based. This means that every patient who comes to Alexandra Hospital will be placed under at least one of our five core clinical programmes, and be taken care by a single doctor and the same care team, under one of these programmes.

Our five clinical programmes are:

• Be Better (Preventive Care)

• Get Better (Acute Care)

• Live Better (Chronic Care)

• Age Better (Healthy Ageing)

• Cope Better (Supportive and Palliative Care)

Through the Community Care Coordination Unit (C3U), the hospital's Care Managers assist patients, families with the help of community partners so that medical and social help can be planned and provided to those who need it and continuously by primary care providers, thereby empowering them to stay healthy at home and in the community.

AH will also be the site for staging innovative health and care as well as person-centric solutions with a view to enabling best practices to be scoped, shared and scaled. It will be technology-enabled.  Together with the community, bring about seamless integrated care beyond discharge, and enabling continuity of care anchored in the safety and comfort of the home and community. 

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Our Purpose Statement

We redesign healthcare with and for humanity.

Our Management Team

Learn more about Alexandra Hospital's management team here.

Our Alex Creed

Future Alexandra Campus

Learn more about how Alexandra Hospital will be transformed and redeveloped into a bigger campus by 2030 here.


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