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Research & Education

Research & Education

To face the challenges posed in the line of health and care, Alexandra Hospital provides multiple opportunities for staging innovative solutions. These include a technology-enabled environment – involving the use of data analytics and population segmentation and infrastructure, including hospital design which is sustainable and home design which facilitates health, as well as health district planning. 

The strengths of the NUHS as an academic health system will be harnessed. Capabilities in health informatics will be built. Five academic centres of excellence have been set up and will support the clinical enterprise. The NUHS Centres bring together an array of expertise to develop and implement new models of care, incorporating smart technologies and innovations in research and training to meet present and future national healthcare needs.

  • Centre for Functional Movement & Enabling Technologies
  • Centre for Healthy Longevity
  • Centre for Innovation in Healthcare
  • Centre for Health Professionals Training
  • Yeo Boon Khim Mind Science Centre

In addition, to empower patients in their health journey from the hospital and continuing into the community, automated processes such as appointment reconciliation, self-registration, and queue management are being explored. 

Research and education at Alexandra Hospital are led by two Vice Chairmen of our Medical Board. Dr. Dariusz Olszyna and his team develop medical education, shaping and structuring the way medical staff are taught at the hospital. Dr. Amartya Mukhopadhyay and his team drive research and evaluation and help to measure the success of Alexandra Hospital’s core clinic programmes.

Alexandra Hospital is the site for piloting patient-centric solutions with a view to enabling best practices to be scoped, shared and scaled. It will be technology-enabled and will achieve seamless integrated care for chronic diseases and healthy ageing, across the entire care continuum and into the home, enabling continuity of care in the safety and comfort of the home and community.


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