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For Patients & Visitors

Visiting Hours & Policy

We encourage family members and friends to visit our patients, as moral support is important in helping our patients get better.

Visiting Guidelines

For the safety and comfort of our patients, we greatly appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in following these guidelines:

  1. No pre-registration of visitors is required.
  2. Caregivers are encouraged to participate in active caregiving by the bedside beyond visiting hours.
  3. No vaccination-differentiated restrictions for visitations. Visitors will not be required to show their ART results before visiting.
  4. Visiting hours are from to 12pm to 8pm daily.
  5. Visitors are reminded not to eat or drink in the wards, nor use the toilets for patients.
  6. Visitors should also avoid sitting on the beds of patients.
  7. Each inpatient will be allowed up to 2 visitors at the bedside, DIL/deceased patients will be allowed up to 5 visitors at the bedside.
  8. No limit to the number of accompanying visitors for outpatients and clinics.


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