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I Am Alex

Agile Nursing at Alex

Agility is all about being flexible and open-minded. It's one of the most important attributes of an Alex nurse since every challenge they face is a new one. They are trained to be adaptive, eveready, and willing to learn new things. Senior Staff Nurse Ong Chia Yee and Staff Nurse Yu Xuan Lim  are two such nurses in Alexandra Hospital.

Overcoming Challenges with Chia Yee

Ong Chia Yee is currently working simultaneously in the ICU and as a community nurse.


"When I was 16, I wanted to take a job that helped and aided other people. When I read up about nursing in an article which appeared in a polytechnic magazine, it inspired me to pursue this as my first choice career. I learnt that this was a wonderful way  for me to help others."


"I think the flexibility which AH has provided me here is quite different from my previous institutions.  Simple processes would have different ways  to carry them out .  I find that this gives a great opportunity and platform for anybody to be able to express themselves and articulate them."


To Chia Yee, one of the many reasons which attract  her to stay with Alexandra Hospital is the relationships and rapport with colleagues across departments such as physicians, housekeepers, and many more. She says that people are genuinely caring and willing to go the extra mile.


"I think for young nurses out there who want to join AH, I think they should be open to changes, ready to take up new things and shouldn't restrict themselves to just one medical discipline or specialty.  When you're young, it helps to explore different areas because no experience is wasted experience."


Decoding Agility with Xuan Lim

Working in AH's specialised rehabilitation ward, Yu Xuan provides all the care and help his patients require. Every patient is different but all require motivation and encouragement to take brave steps forward in rehabilitation.Yu Xuan has harnessed the ability o think on his feet and adapt to any type of care required by the patients, with empathy and patience.


"I chose nursing because I have interest in healthcare and I think this is a very meaningful job to see patients recover from our care. And not just nursing care, there are also interactive activities which I enjoy a lot. I think these are very useful skills because everyone will get old at some point of time so it's good that we have the necessary skills to take care of ourselves and also equip patients and their loved ones to do the same, when they are discharged home.."


He is also a big supporter of mental health. He wants to help spread awareness about mental health and make it as important as physical health. Being open-minded, compassionate, and most of all, willing to learn, are key qualities of this role. 


"I think it is important to be flexible when working in a hospital because every patient and their conditions are different. So it's important for nurses to be able to adapt to different situations quickly. This is so that when we undergo different postings, we will be able to deliver consistent, skilled and best care, all the same, for all our patients. ."


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