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Our Services

Urgent Care Centre

Urgent Care Centre (UCC)

We provide care to patients with acute undifferentiated conditions, including medical emergencies 24 hours daily. As part of the NUHS cluster, we collaborate closely with our primary care partners via the GPFirst programme. 

Conditions Treated

We provide treatment for patients presenting with urgent and emergent illnesses and injuries, excluding specialist treatment for:

  1. ENT/Eye conditions
  2. Obstetrics and Gynecological conditions
  3. Psychological/Psychiatric conditions
  4. Conditions requiring emergent surgery

If required, patients may be transferred to NUH for subspecialty care. We can also arrange for after visit follow-ups within the NUHS cluster.

UCC Charges

UCC charges start from $125, after 50% government subsidy. The $125 covers doctor consultation, standard X-ray, basic laboratory tests, and standard medication. Additional charges will apply for non-standard services, treatments, and medication.

We appreciate payment collection at registration, to reduce the wait time during discharge. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

UCC Review Clinic (URC)

Certain cases can be followed up in the UCC. We aim to provide continuity of care for UCC patients and reduce the burden on specialist clinics and primary care, especially for patients with acute conditions requiring one-off follow-ups. URC charges start from $35.

Extended Diagnostic Treatment Unit (EDTU)

We provide an extended duration of care to patients up to 24 hours, serving to provide definitive treatment and facilitate a safe discharge back home. A stay in the EDTU is Medisave claimable.

  Information You Need For Your Visit to the Urgent Care Centre


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