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Our Services

Well Programme (Be Better)


The Well Programme focuses on preventive care for both the public and employees, helping people to Be Better. The goal is to help you prevent disease, maintain or improve your current health state and wellbeing. This will be done through our various tailored programmes and screening services.

Our professional multi-disciplinary team, including health coaching and virtual health support, will work closely with your physician to enable you to achieve your health goals. We focus on physical activity, nutrition, and sustainability. 

One-stop care

With AH's integrated model, you will be under one doctor, and one care team. Our team will help you manage various issues, with the support of various in-house specialists where needed. This reduces the need for unnecessary referrals from abnormal results.

This allows us to simplify your appointments and address all your concerns in one place. 

Key Services and Clinics

Our services meet the needs of specific populations to provide more specialised care, which may be overlooked during general health screenings.

  • Key Services
    • Integrated Women's clinic
    • Healthy Longevity Research Clinic
    • Metabolic and Digestive clinic
    • Staff clinic
    • Sports and Exercise clinic (coming soon FY 24)
  • General health screening
    • These involves a full suite of tests followed by personalised medical advice. Optional tests are available for specific conditions.
    • Includes corporate health screening and vaccination



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