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I Am Alex

The Future of Alex

Alexandra Hospital is the last-standing hospital campus that was initially built for military purposes, from the British colonial era. Over the years, this campus has grown and expanded, both in capacity and capability.  At one point in time, it was the largest military-run hospital in the Far East, until the administration was passed to a Singaporean team in 1971. Today, after having achieved several 'firsts', in limb reattachment and in geriatric care, Alexandra Hospital has grown from strength to strength. Still, its work is far from over; its new aim now is to provide advanced one-stop care to its patients by one doctor and team, as part of its new healthcare model all for the betterment of patient care, to help them throughout their care journey.


It was announced in 2020 that Alexandra Hospital will be breaking new ground again, with a new patch of land to be carved out for redevelopment. This expanded campus of the future will better serve the needs of our seniors and more patients in the southwest, west, and the larger community in Singapore. By 2030, the campus seeks to grow in terms of healthcare technology and facilities. The new premises will provide improved access to AH from the new and existing establishments at Queensway. This larger campus will not only improve accessibility, but also facilitate better healthcare opportunities ranging from acute care, immediate to long-term care, as well as ancillary services.


This will also see the integration of landmarks of historical significance with its new structures. The history and heritage of Alexandra Hospital are its defining hallmarks, and by conserving existing blocks of the former British Military Hospital Singapore, we link our past with the present, and the future as well.


Our Integrated Model of Care

As part of redevelopment plans, AH will continue to build up its new care model, one which fully integrates care and resources in a patient-centred manner. AH is the first integrated hospital that provides a single continuum of care across different care settings. The model can be defined by its elements OOOOOH i.e. One patient, One bed, One care team, One principal doctor, One with the community, Healthcare redesign.


One Patient

Our entire care model revolves around each patient and their respective needs. Every plan is tailored to the individual patient and their caregivers, including their diagnosis, social circumstances, beliefs, and health goals. At every step, they are taught about their treatment and self-management, to maintain transparency and promote shared decision-making.


One Bed

We strive to reduce the need for patients to transfer to different wards and environments during their time here. This goes a long way to ease the care journey of the patient and their caregivers. Hence, our plan is to, as much as possible, allow our patients to receive the care they need from the same bed, in the same ward, all throughout their journey here.


One Care Team

Each patient is assigned a single care team comprising healthcare and social workers. This dedicated network of care is tailored to their needs, while allowing for a centralised approach to the betterment of their help.


One Principal Doctor

One of the biggest issues for patients is consulting multiple doctors across multiple departments. This is not only inefficient, and it can also be a hassle, since departments in most hospitals are spaced far apart. Our model assigns one principal doctor as part of the care team for each patient, so the patient and their family can reach them when needed.


One With The Community

Our focus on the community allows us to collaborate with acute hospitals, specialist clinics, primary care providers, and all our community partners. This builds on our integrated model and helps us take healthcare beyond the confines of our hospital.


Healthcare Redesigned

Our plan to redesign and redevelop Alexandra Hospital covers all ground, including staffing, infrastructure, information and technology, finance, education, and research and evaluation. These will help us transform the way healthcare is provided to all.


With all these exciting transformations in the pipeline, we hope you will be part of us, and join us in bringing about a health-empowering community. Find out more about the prospect of enriching lives, with a career in nursing at Alexandra Hospital. Keen to join Alex Nursing? Connect with us at


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