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5 Things You Didn't Know About Alexandra Hospital

In this era of information, we too like to share and engage with our community. It keeps us connected to people who truly matter. We post updates, stories and wishes on our social media platforms every chance we get. While we have an amazing community of followers and supporters, there are a lot of fun facts that aren't public knowledge.


Here are 5 things you didn't know about Alexandra Hospital:


Up to 102 species of butterflies were spotted at the AH Butterfly Trail.


When last updated in 2008, the checklist reported up to 102 different species of butterflies. This development happened overtime through proper curation of the surroundings and its a must-go-to location for macro and butterfly photographers.



AH is redeveloping into a larger, integrated campus to deliver better healthcare.


Health Minister Gan Kim Yong has announced that Alexandra Hospital will be redeveloped with a significant increase in area to allow entry from Queensway, making it more accessible to patients. The more built-up space will help in tying out and enhancing their new one-stop care model. The first phase is said to be ready by 2030.


AH nurses undergo first-in-Singapore mental toughness training.


To tackle the mental stress of the profession with grit and resilience, all nurses at Alexandra Hospital undergo an induction programme, which focuses on the 5Cs of the Mental Skills Training Model (Composure, Concentration, Confidence, Cope-ability and Cohesion) in scenario-based learning.




AH leverages robotic technology to redesign innovative care.


In March, Alexandra Hospital became the first hospital in Singapore to use robotic technology to do its frontline work against Covid.  Robots assist the medical team with its rounds in the hospital's COVID-19 isolation wards.



AH nurses are cross-posted to get an all-round hospital and community care experience

Alexandra Hospital nurses enjoy a different work dynamic than most hospitals. Alex nurses are cross-posted across the different programmes and settings, as opposed to other hospitals where nurses are set under one department. Cross-posting ensures that nurses don't get fatigued by work and get a holistic experience in different clinical settings. This is part of Alexandra Hospital's new one-stop care model.

Alexandra Hospital welcomes new nurses, provides all essential training and then some, and also helps them grow not just in their field, but in a holistic way.



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