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I Am Alex

Alexandra Hospital Nursing Open House 2021 Highlights

Alexandra Hospital, or Alex, is the first Integrated General Hospital in Singapore providing seamless, one-stop comprehensive care. What sets Alex apart is their new open concept where consolidated care is provided by a multidisciplinary team led by a primary doctor, from diagnosis to post-discharge care. It provides a hassle-free experience for the patients and a great learning opportunity for the nurses.


9 January was a special day for our nurses. We hosted our annual open house event, virtually to an audience of about 200. Dubbed "Alex Nursing e-Open House 2021", it was a fun-filled and informative career fair of video showcases, live Q&A, and enriching presentations held virtually in the morning over three hours. The event helped aspiring nurses get a better idea of what it's like to be a nurse at Alexandra Hospital, familiarise them with our signature programmes and guide them onto a path of pursuing a career in nursing.


Attended by nursing graduates and aspirers both local and around the world, the open house showcased every aspect of nursing, from the curriculum to specialties. The talented nurses pulled out all the stops to boast a wide repertoire for performances. It also highlighted the various opportunities that Alex nurses get, including cross-posting, mental toughness training, and freedom to initiate and head special programmes for the betterment of the patients and the community as a whole.

The open house also highlighted the culture at Alex. An unconventional nursing style stems from our collaborative work culture where nurses can work and learn from not only peers but also from other departments. .

The Signature Programmes within Alex

Alex provides a holistic continuum of care through their 5 key programmes:


  • Be Better

    This is our Well Programme which provides preventative care and influences how people in our community live and age. It is about taking the first step towards health empowerment and prevention by proactive screening, exercise and treatment.

  • Get Better

    This is our FAST Programme which looks at emergency treatment from acute, sub-acute to rehabilitative care. Nurses lead, facilitate and actively engage with patients and caregivers in care planning and discharge care. Also, apart from collaborating with allied health team members, they also mentor and guide the junior nurses on the job.

  • Live Better

    This is our Chronic Programme which consolidates a patient's multiple conditions and treatment plans into one appointment. All this happens with a one-care multidisciplinary team. The two main pillars of this programme are consolidation and virtual consultation. Nurses play a big role in educating the patients about self management of chronic diseases.

  • Age Better

    This is our Healthy Ageing Programme which caters to the elderly (65 and above) and is overseen by our geriatric ward. Our geriatric nurses take care of the elderly through several different clinics. There are therapeutic activities to equip the elderly and help them redevelop with motor and cognitive skills for a better lifestyle. 

  • Cope Better

    This is our Palliative Care Programme which cares for the terminally ill patients and their caregivers and helps them cope during the final days. This includes everything from physical, emotional, psychosocial to spiritual care for the patients as well as grief and bereavement support for the caregivers. Nurses help in caregiver training and Advanced Care Planning. They also occasionally go for home visits to assess and manage the patient's symptoms.

The Future of Alexandra Hospital

By 2030, Alexandra Hospital will expand to a larger campus, which means we will be able to provide better care to more people. By improving our work with the help of the signature programmes, we at Alex plan to increase and improve our community as well. We are a family here, and we are always looking to grow and support each other.

Find out more about the prospect of enriching lives, with a career in nursing at Alexandra Hospital. Keen to join Alex Nursing? Connect with us at


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