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I Am Alex

Why Choose Alexandra Hospital to Start Your Nursing Career

Alex is the first integrated general hospital that provides a one-stop, one care team led by one primary doctor as its care model.  Given the mandate to redesign healthcare means AH is committed to pushing boundaries and exploring leveraging technological innovation and new workflows to deliver better care, while keeping resources nimble and effective.  Best of all, our Alex  nurses get to be part of this transformational journey, laying the groundwork to set new horizons and immerse in new opportunities of growth.


We have devised structured career pathways and carved out leadership programmes to boost our nurses with self-confidence and relevant skill set, along with sponsorship opportunities for continuing education.


We believe in a holistic learning approach, through journal clubs, virtual learning or grand rounds, to avail opportunities to everyone who is keen to take on independent learning as part of their leadership development.


Apart from co-curriculars, Alex nurses get to be a part of a fun and daring culture. Our teams engage in workshops, virtual exercise classes, financial training, engagement sessions, with due awards and recognition schemes, which are what  makes Alex a great place to start your career.

Nursing Opportunities at Alex

We provide several opportunities to start and grow your nursing careers. We welcome aspiring nurses with open arms and teach them the ins and outs of Alex nursing before they go in the field.

Rehabilitation Nursing

Our rehabilitation ward consists of an interdisciplinary team - a doctor, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, medical social worker, psychologist and dietician. Our team assists patients with disabilities to adapt to an altered lifestyle and assimilate back into the community. Nurses in our rehabilitation ward not only provide nursing care, but also provide education to the patient and caregivers and clinical teaching to junior nurses and students while collaborating with team members from all departments to achieve the patient's goal.


Community nursing

The main job of a community nurse is to improve care coordination for patients with complex care needs and increase community partnerships to transit care from hospital to home and into the community. Alex Nurses in the community review each inpatient case, provide self-monitoring education and discuss care plans and goals with the patient and the loved ones. After the patient has been discharged, they ensure that the patients follow their routine self-care through a telephonic follow-up or a home visit.


Urgent Care Centre

The UCC is the first step in a patient's care journey. UCC nurses are the first to see the patient's problems and determine the urgency of them to be seen by a doctor. Here, nurses get to learn about emergency treatment and management. The UCC has a very unpredictable and fast-paced environment that handles extremely different cases in a day. No two days are the same here. Nurses learn how to work under pressure and work with agility and swiftness. Mock exercises and regular drills are held to train nurses with quick response techniques.

Intensive Care Unit

Intensive care nurses tend to patients who are acutely unwell and require critical medical care. Intensive care nurses need to know how to work on advanced machines and procedures which they learn on the job with preceptors through class activities, crash courses and simulations. There's also a dedicated learning space for the staff.


Specialised Surgical Services

This encompasses the operating theatre, endoscopy and ambulatory surgery ward. In these wards, nurses assist the doctors in any and every way possible like pre-procedure preparation, carrying the patients to and from the operating theatre and endoscopy centre, gowning and gloving the patient and the surgeon, preparing anesthesia and decontaminating, sterilising and packing the equipment. While the surgery itself is quite critical, preparation for the surgery is as important as the surgery itself. Nurses need to be on their toes and thorough in their work.


You can find more information about starting your nursing career by watching our Alex Nursing e-Open House 2021 video. If you want to get in touch or apply, you can drop an email on with the subject line "Alex Nursing - *name*".


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