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Special Cookbook for Persons with Dysphagia: ‘My Grandma’s Dinner’

​Dining well begins at home, but not everyone is able to experience this. For instance, persons with Dysphagia (swallowing difficulties) may face challenges in ensuring their food is prepped in a way that it is safe for their consumption. In 2021, AH Speech Therapists partnered with hawkers in the Queenstown district in a movement 'Smaller Bites to Swallow Right' to help food stall owners learn how to prepare chopped, minced and blended food that is easier for people with swallowing difficulties to enjoy. 

This Alex Care Day 2022, AH Speech Therapists collaborated with aspiring young chefs from ITE College West's School of Hospitality (Culinary Arts) to create local cuisines such as Bubur Lambuk, Chicken Shepherd's Pie in modified textures. The recipes have been complied into a first-ever cook book titled 'My Grandma's Dinner' to empower people which swallowing difficulties to dine well at home.

(Click on image to read the recipe book)

Click here to watch videos of our young chefs in action.

Click here to learn more about our Smaller Bites to Swallow Right initiative.

Community partners interested to run free cooking workshops on these dysphagia-friendly meals, can email:


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