Message from CEO

Chief Executive Officer, Associate Professor Jason Phua shares about Alexandra Hospital.


Walking the Journey, Hospital and Beyond

Read about how we walk with you and your loved ones though your health journey as we redesign healthcare with our people and our community.


There With Our Patients

They have belted out songs in the Alexandra Hospital wards during the festive periods and quietly sat with our patients to ensure they are never alone. They are our Alex Advocates.


One Bed, One Care Team

Learn about Alexandra Hospital’s new model of care, where patients receive end-to-end services under one roof from a single care team and where their post discharge care is well integrated with the community.


People at the Helm

Meet the leadership team behind Alexandra Hospital.


Redesigning Our Journey to Better Health

A snapshot of the facilities and services available at Alexandra Hospital.


Skipping Meals, Stress, Can Lead to Stomach Ulcers

Dr Sujith Wijerathne, Associate Consultant at the General Surgery Services share why those with recurring symptoms such as upper abdominal pain, bloating and belching should get an endoscopic assessment of their upper gastro-intestinal tract.


Partnering for Better Health

Alexandra Hospital launches A-Life at Queenstown Community Centre. The programme focuses on healthy eating, exercising and lifestyle modification to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


Homecoming for Pathology Veteran, Five Decades on

A former British army veteran who worked at Alexandra Hospital 50 years ago takes a walk down memory lane.


A Case of Blurred Vision

Does a patient with chronic or subacute blurring needs to be referred on to an ophthalmologist? Dr Yuen Yew Sen shares more.


One Doctor, One Appointment, One-Stop Care

Read how our ICare clinic attends to patients' needs and consolidates care plans, for those with multiple chronic conditions, into one appointment.